This publication is a window on the Port of Montreal, on its history, stakeholders and neighbours. In it you will find all the information on the scope of actions taken by the Port and its partners.

Editorial : A message from Sylvie Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Port Authority

A lighthouse in stormy weather




Discover marine industry occupations! The maritime world offers countless career opportunities of all kinds. Enter the richly varied professional environment of trades that may not be as well known, but are always interesting


The technology that checks all the boxes that benefit shipping



Rethinking port space

Cruising through life!

Naval architecture


From sugar to solar panels and computers to cranberries, the list of products passing through the Port of Montreal is impressive! Here's your chance to learn more about our activities and the goods that transit through the Port.

Thanks for the chocolate!

The Avanaa adventure from bean to bar


The fast-growing grain market

Italian wine

Sunshine in a bottle

Refrigerated containers

A specialized sector in full growth

Faces of the Port

Who are the men and women who work at the Montreal Port Authority? Discover the Faces of the Port of Montreal.

André Desormeaux

Advisor, Financial Planning and Analysis

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Louise Généreux

Secretary, Infrastructure Management


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Sébastien Boulianne

Workboat operator


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Jean-François Daoust

Procurement Advisor



Jeanlou Mallette-Carrier

Technician, Information Resources


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Rosetta Iacono

Director, Growth and Development


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Jean-François Cadieux

Deputy Harbour Master


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Benoit Perrier

Environmental Advisor


Hani Matta

Analyst, Economic Studies


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Yves Gilson

Director, Marketing and Cruises


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Claudia Tremblay

Coordinator at the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay


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Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO


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Christine Beaulieu

Manager, Community Relations


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Sylvain Boisvert

Locomotive Operator


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Ariane Dufour

Programmer Analyst


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Hugo Brassard

Road Engineer


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Isabelle Roy

Technician, Accounts Payable and Payroll


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Stéphane Préville

Fire Prevention Inspector


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Port Neighbours

Through its community investment policy, the Port of Montreal supports numerous projects and organizations active near its facilities. They are covered in this section.

Blue Metropolis Foundation

A literary rendezvous with the St. Lawrence River

Montreal Women's Center

A resource for all women

Jacques-Cartier Zip Committee

Mission: to protect the St. Lawrence River

The Hochelaga-Maisonneuve History Workshop

A mission at the heart of our heritage


If you have a question about the Port of Montreal or its activities, feel free to ask it ! We’ll answer it here with pleasure.

What's new on our container terminals?

Who is John Young, the father of the Port of Montreal?

How can I trace my ancestors who arrived at the Port of Montreal?

How to track the containers?

In a Mariner’s Words

Many common expressions in every language have nautical origins that have been forgotten. Gain insight into French expressions with the stories found here.

Avoir le vent en poupe

Être à voile et à vapeur

Mettre le feu aux poudres

Être en nage