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Restricted Area 1 (R1) port pass

Any individual requiring access to a marine facility must hold a valid port pass. To obtain a Restricted Area 1 (R1) port pass, the applicant will be required to:

  • Submit the duly completed original copy of the form in person at the time of registration
  • Submit two pieces of identification:
    • Driver’s licence
    • Quebec health insurance card
    • Any government-issued photo ID (passport, citizenship card, firearms license, etc.)
    • Two IDs that count as one, such as a birth certificate, any government issued non-photo ID (declaration of naturalization, military card, etc.), employer’s photo ID.

Unacceptable ID: social insurance card, credit cards, library or municipal services card, merchant or social club cards, private company ID card

  • Make payment in cash, by Visa, MasterCard or debit card; if the organization does business with the Montreal Port Authority, the payment may be invoiced directly.

Restricted Area 2 (R2) port pass

In addition to the R1 port pass requirements, the applicant will need a marine transportation clearance from Transport Canada and will:

  • Complete the official transportation security clearance form and the consent form
  • Present an original birth certificate and/or a citizenship certificate and that of his/her spouse
  • Present his/her passport
  • Submit to fingerprinting and to another facial photograph.

The R2 port pass will only be issued upon confirmation of the security clearance by Transport Canada.


The Registrar Office is located at 450 de Boucherville Street (at the corner of Notre Dame East). Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Refer to the detailed instructions: