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Montréal Jetée #1 water depth 30 days avg. 1 year avg.
12.79 m 12.40 m 12.41 m

Tide Gauges

Tide gauge Depth
Trois-Rivières 12.79 m
Montréal, Jetée # 1 12.58 m
Varennes 12.51 m
Contrecoeur (IOC) 12.57 m
Sorel 12.68 m
Port-Saint-François 12.96 m
Montréal, Rue Frontenac 12.52 m
Lac Saint-Pierre 12.77 m
In light of the particular features of the navigation waterway in the Contrecoeur–Varennes sector, please consult navigational notices by clicking on the link NAVWARN details.

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