of everyday products are transported by ship
That’s right! The Port of Montreal is part of your daily routine—in more ways than you think.
tonnes of sugar
The next time you taste some sugar in your morning coffee or that pie from the local bakery, remember that the Port imports, processes and distributes more than 550,000 tonnes of it each year.
tonnes of medical products for your health
Medications, masks, vitamins: every year, we ship a huge pharmacy through the Port!

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Local heroes

Hundreds of local businesses work with the Port of Montreal every day to connect the public with their favourite products and services. But who is behind this colossal task? Meet some of our partners here.

AVANAA Chocolate

Catherine Goulet’s innovative approach to chocolate supports the local economy by helping cocoa farmers thousands of miles away.

Daniel Olivier on innovation

Our Director of Business intelligence and Innovation, Daniel Olivier, lays out the technological modernization plan intended to make the Port more efficient and sustainable.

The couple behind Épices de cru

Spice enthusiasts Ethné and Philippe de Vienne have been delighting Montrealers with flavours from around the world for over 30 years.