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Sustainable urban planning

The Promenade d'Iberville offers citizens a quality urban space and a place to relax between the city and the river, equipped with lounge chairs and an architectural bench. 

Occupying a vegetated surface of 2200 square meters, with a 180 meter long wooden walkway, the unique design emphasizes edible perennials, selected for their resilience. The green roof decking is made of western red cedar, recognized as one of the most durable and long-lasting Canadian woods.


It’s the best place in town to watch cruise ships visiting Montreal! Check out the detailed cruise vessels schedule.

During the summer months, a public piano painted in the Grand Quay colours is available to everyone. Give free rein to your creativity and talents as a pianist!

The piano will be closed in case of rain or unstable weather.

The timeline on the Promenade d’Iberville green roof illustrates the Port of Montreal’s rich history and its close connection to that of Montreal itself. Explore the important stages in its development, and learn about key figures and innovations over time.