Overview of the venue

Are you looking for a venue that can accommodate several thousand people?

Terminal 1 offers immense modular possibilities for a wide range of configurations, whether for a wedding, a banquet, a conference, a trade show, a convention and much more.

With a panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River and Old Montreal, it adds a touch of prestige to any event.


Surface area: 3,478 square metres (37,436 square feet)

Hall on ground floor

Great hall

  • 3,275 people at a cocktail reception
  • 1,500 people at a banquet

Split hall
  • 1,635 people — cocktail reception
  • 750 people — banquet

Option to rent as the great hall or a split hall (river side / city side)

Option to rent the entire outdoor quay or facing the split hall (river side / city side)

Access to two dressing rooms (river side)


Configuration and fees

ConfigurationAreaCocktail reception capacityBanquet capacityDaily rental fee

Cruise terminal (T1) — full

3,478 m
37,436 ft2

3,275 ppl.

1,500 ppl.


T1 – Outdoor quay — full
(combined with full Terminal 1)

836 m
9,000 ft2

3,275 ppl.



Cruise terminal 1 (T1) — split hall/city side

1,775 m2
19,106 ft2

1,635 ppl.

750 ppl.


Cruise terminal 1 (T1) — split hall/river side

1,703 m2
18,330 ft2

1,635 ppl.

750 ppl.


T1 – Outdoor quay — split hall
(combined with Terminal 1 - split hall)

418 m2
4,500 ft2

1,635 ppl.



Main alley
(with free access for traffic, combined with Terminal 1)

Variable according to your needs

Capacity for several thousand depending on layout


Entire outdoor site
(with free access for traffic)

16,800 m2
181,000 ft2

Capacity for several thousand depending on layout

To be determined

Prices are subject to change without notice. 
The prices listed here are for daily rentals between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m.
Setup and dismantling: rental fees are 50% of the full price.