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An immense multipurpose hall with exceptional natural light and huge bay windows, the Cruise Terminal can accommodate all your large-scale events.

Are you looking for a venue that can accommodate several thousand people?

Terminal 1 offers immense modular possibilities for a wide range of configurations, whether for a wedding, a banquet, a conference, a trade show, a convention and much more.

With a panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River and Old Montreal, it adds a touch of prestige to any event.


capacite white
3,478 square metres — Great Hall
1,775 square metres — Split Hall

capacite white
37,436 square feet — Great hall
19,106 square feet — Split hall


Option to rent as the great hall or a split hall

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Cocktail layout

3,275 people — Great hall
1,635 people — Split hall

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Theatre layout

1,664 people — Great hall
736 people — Split hall

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Banquet layout

1,500 people — Great hall
750 people — Split hall



Several floor and wall power outlets
200 amp Cam-Lock connections

chef white

Catering space (with or without cooking) depending on the space



cle white

Dressing room or production office (semi-equipped) depending on the space


Cloakroom (not equipped)

windowManual window blinds

parcCombined with an outdoor space ($)