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The Port of Montreal is pleased to have hosted the fifth annual meeting of the chainPORT association—the multilateral partnership of the world’s leading smart ports—for two days, September 16 and 17. The meeting was held at Centech, where the Port of Montreal launched its very own port innovation accelerator a year ago, the only of its kind in North America.

While welcoming delegates to the event, Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority stated: “We see our membership in chainPORT as significant in facilitating and accelerating our digital transformation by tapping into a very rich pool of knowledge and expertise.”

Montreal was in fact well positioned to hold such discussions, with its stated ambition to become a global hub in artificial intelligence. While the overarching theme of the meeting was “innovation ecosystems,” Ms. Vachon continued, “we are confident that by the end of the event, delegates got a true sense of what makes Montreal a unique model and a true North American leader in innovation.”

Discussions focussed on how to optimize supply chains and ensure their reliability in order to better serve customers. The insights from invited key international cargo interests confirmed that deliverables under chainPORT must align with expectations of cargo owners and port users in a global context where the manufacturing industry is also undergoing a digital transformation.

A top priority on this year’s agenda was accelerating the smart adoption of artificial intelligence in the port sector. During a visit at the O-Mile-X, North America’s largest artificial intelligence lab, Dr. Yoshua Bengio explained in practical terms how artificial intelligence can advance the marine industry’s collective innovation objectives to solve complex logistics problems. This technology has enormous potential to optimize processes and increase efficiency in ports.

Read the press release: https://www.hafen-hamburg.de/en/news/interconnectivity-artificial-intelligence-cyber-resilience-how-technology-empowers-leading-ports-chainport-concludes-5th-annual-meeting-in-montreal---36472.

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