Project overview

The Port of Montreal's rail network currently has close to 100 km of track to serve the fourteen terminals. Each year, it transports 2,500 km of railcars.

Project works include:

  • Installation of 6 km of additional railroad tracks and switches
  • Complementary work to develop the internal rail network.
  • Relocation of the Port Road

Project timeline

May 2017

$18.3 million in financial support from the Government of Quebec under its Maritime Strategy

April 2018

$18.4 million in financial support from the Government of Canada to optimize its intermodal network under the National Trade Corridor Fund.

June 2018

Awarding of the mandate to increase rail capacity to the firm CIMA+.


  • Project design and planning phase
  • Field studies (noise, dust, fauna, flora and traffic)

Now underway

  • Integration and verification of plans and specifications
  • Finalization of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


Start of project works to increase railway capacity