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Project overview

As the main provisioning port to Newfoundland and the Magdalen Islands, supplied exclusively by local companies, every year Bickerdike Terminal handles close to 600,000 tonnes of diversified goods (such as containers, cars and trucks), in addition to serving cruise ships.

  • Redevelopment of truck access (traffic flow and security)
  • Increase and upgrade of electrical capacity
  • Replacement of buildings
  • Redevelopment of container and cargo storage areas
  • Redevelopment of handling areas for cruise ships

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Follow the progress of construction on the Bickerdike terminal project : 

Project timeline


Construction of the Port of Montreal’s Bickerdike Terminal. Until the 1970s, port activities largely took place on this terminal.

May 2017

Grant of $8.3 million in financial support by the Government of Quebec under its Maritime Strategy to rehabilitate terminal facilities.

2018 to 2019

Start of project design phase

Summer 2019

Start of Bickerdike Terminal redevelopment work



  • Build new entrance on Pierre-Dupuy Avenue
  • Install new gatehouse
  • Repair  underground networks (water supply, sanitary, rainwater and electrical/telecommunication) 
  • Repair railway network


  • Redevelop truck access
  • Redevelop container and cargo storage areas
  • Install new electrical substation
  • Install and start equipment and switchgear in the new electrical substation
  • Build a parking lot for employees and cruise passengers (CTMA)
  • Install signs and complete landscaping
  • Completion of project works