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Project overview

By banking on greater fluidity and efficiency, the freight mobility project addresses the constant growth in cargo volumes transiting the Port of Montreal each year. Its total value is $37 million.

There are four components to the project:

  1. Construction of a railway bridge at the exit of the truck gate to eliminate traffic conflicts between trains and trucks
  2. Development of an Intelligent Transport System for port trucking in collaboration with the City of Montreal, making it possible to better understand the origins and destinations of trucks beyond Port territory
  3. Deployment of a series of variable message signs to keep truck drivers informed in real time
  4. Development of solutions with our partners to modulate truck traffic at entry points based on actual activity on the terminals


60 to 80 trains per week

2,500 trucks per day

100 km of rail tracks directly operated by the Port

Project timeline

August 12, 2019

$18.5 million grant awarded by the Government of Canada under the National Trade Corridor Fund


Start of project planning


Start of project works