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The CargO2ai system is a a logistics tool with a humanitarian calling. It uses artificial intelligence to quickly identify and prioritize the critical cargo that Canadians need.

General presentation

CargO2ai was developed in the spring of 2020 through a partnership between the Port of Montreal, CargoM, Termont, MGTP, Scale AI and Ivado Labs to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose is to deliver medications, medical equipment and food products as quickly as possible to avoid supply delays and stock shortages during precarious economic and public health situations.


Join the movement!

Trucking companies, freight forwarders, shipping lines, charterers and operators are invited to embark in large numbers to ensure maximum efficiency and to use the system to its full potential.

A collective effort for the health and safety of all!


The CargO2ai User Guide is available for trucking companies. It outlines the information tools used by port terminals at the Montreal Port Authority to identify and report priority containers to trucking companies.