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A big first in the history of the Port of Montreal! The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) is calling on the public to share their views on the port of tomorrow.

With four main themes of reflection - the environment, the economy, innovation and society - the participatory process Anchored in the Future: Port 2030 is taking the pulse of the needs, aspirations and vision of everyone who has an interest in the Port of Montreal, from residents to business people, to help steer the MPA's strategic planning between now and 2030.

This approach is part of the global movement launched by the AIVP (the Worldwide Network of Port Cities), which has set 10 objectives for 2030 based on the United Nations'  17 Sustainable Development Goals. Several inspiring examples of initiatives launched by port cities around the world can be found on the AIVP website.

Likewise, we’re inviting the public to take part in the reflection by going to portmtl2030.com. For each of the proposed themes, you can participate in the proposed discussion forums or simply post  your ideas.

The public consultation will be open until May 2. Interested? Port 2030: I’m in!