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Le Damia Desgagnés à quai au Port de Montréal

The Damia Desgagnés, Groupe Desgagnés’ very first LNG-capable vessel, is a next-generation asphalt-bitumen-chemical tanker, using LNG as fuel and providing a reduction in all atmospheric emissions, with superior performance in terms of CO2, NOx, SOx and particulate emissions. The tanker’s first bunkering took place at the Port of Montreal on August 4, 2017, timed to mark the inauguration of the new LNG system.

Since its launch, this LNG bunkering system, available to all shipowners whose fleet transits through the Port of Montreal, has been used more than 150 times. This made it possible to avoid more than 20,000 tonnes of GHGs, in addition to the virtual absence of SOx (99% reduction) and fine particles (90% reduction), as well as a substantial reduction in NOx (70%) compared to the use of conventional marine fuels.

What a great example of collaboration between all the players involved—Énergir, Groupe Desgagnés, Transport Jacques Auger, Gaz Métro LNG and Gaz Métro Transport Solutions (GMTS)—to encourage the large-scale use of low-carbon fuels!


December 5, 2023