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The Port of Montreal is very pleased that the City of Montreal is adopting the AIVP Agenda 2030 initiative by the Worldwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP).

The AIVP Agenda 2030 is the first global initiative aimed at adapting the seventeen sustainable development objectives of the United Nations to the specific context of port/city relations. The Montreal Port Authority has been on board since 2019.

This commitment by the City of Montreal will make it possible to promote sustainable growth and harmonious cohabitation with port operations while contributing to the economic relaunch.

For more information on the City of Montréal’s relaunch plan (in French only): https://res.cloudinary.com/villemontreal/image/upload/v1607007571/portail/x7xpp1te2xjbpsm9rqlh.pdf.

December 10, 2020