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Behind the consumer goods that line grocery store shelves, the medications available in pharmacies or the medical equipment used in hospitals, the work of Greater Montreal’s supply chain is more essential than ever. Every day, shipments from Europe, Asia and the Americas are shipped throughout Quebec and Ontario thanks to workers who remain on the job during this time of health crisis.

The Port of Montreal is proud to call attention to the work of all individuals who, still as always on the ground, help maintain this essential activity.

Special recognition is due to the 1,500 stevedores and checkers employed by the Maritime Employers Association (MEA) who handle cargo on our docks and load and unload ships. Let’s also salute the truck drivers and train operators who day after day, transport goods to or from the Port.

Hats off as well to all the workers at the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) for keeping us on an even keel as we stay the course:

  • The Harbour Master’s Office and the Control Centre at the Port of Montreal, which coordinate the arrival and departure of all vessels
  • Our railway teams, which keep the terminals and the major rail networks connected and assemble freight convoys for import or export.
  • Our infrastructure management teams, which ensure that docks and terminals are fully functioning to manage the movement of vessels, trains and trucks.
  • Our Safety and Fire Prevention team, which makes sure traffic flows smoothly on the Port Road and at access points while ensuring the safety of everyone on Port territory.   
  • Our property management team, which is responsible for fully disinfecting our facilities for worker health and safety.   
  • All the teams working remotely, supporting those on the ground, furthering the development of our projects and keeping the MPA’s day-to-day business on track
  • And last but hardly least, the IT team, which solidly supports all our employees wherever they are working, in the workplace or at home.   

Thank you to everybody doing their part in this tremendous teamwork at the service of all! Here you can see how activities are being carried out now on the docks of the Port of Montreal.