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These questions were central to the Port of Montreal’s participation in the AI Ecosystem event held on September 26 during C2 Montreal.


In a global context marked by supply chain congestion and unpredictable delivery times, Daniel Olivier, Director, Business Intelligence and Innovation at the Port of Montreal, presented the role that artificial intelligence can play in improving fluidity and how the Port of Montreal wants to put it to use in the future.

Among the current projects underway, the Port of Montreal is finalizing the development of a dynamic tool for the rail sector. This tool’s objective is to share data in real time concerning ships in transit to the Port, so as to synchronize the actions of the various players in the supply chain and expedite freight service.

For an overview of the project, check out this video.

In related news, since 2017, the Port of Montreal has also been using the Trucking PORTal app that provides a 24-hour forecast of truck traffic at the terminals. By allowing for better route planning and less congestion, GHG emissions are reduced.