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This spring, we launched a first in the history of the Port of Montreal. We invited the public to speak their minds about the future of the Port and to share their vision, suggestions and ideas about this institution that has been anchored in our daily lives for nearly 200 years.

Organized around four main themes - the environment, innovation, the economy and society - we gave you a microphone and were very happy to get hundreds of comments that reflect your aspirations and will serve as inspiration to develop our next strategic plan, covering 2023-2027.

How do you see you Port moving forward?

On the economic front, there are two main areas of focus. The first concerns business continuity. In a context marked by global supply difficulties, it is up to the Port of Montreal to take the necessary measures to ensure the flow of goods at all times and act as a facilitator in the supply chain. The second area of focus is changing trends and practices. The importance of the circular economy and local sourcing will influence which goods pass through the Port. As a pillar of the Quebec economy, the Port of Tomorrow must be able to adapt to changing needs to fulfil its core mission sustainably.

The environment poses many concerns, such as reducing GHGs, protecting biodiversity and being able to deal with natural disasters, which are among the mission-critical targets for the Port of Tomorrow.

On the social front, it is especially important to reconcile the Port’s commercial and industrial role with the need to connect with the community. Many of you emphasized sustainable development of the Port’s historic heritage and better public access to the Port of Montreal’s facilities and the river.

As far as innovation is concerned, the priority is to link the innovation projects launched at the Port of Montreal with the actual needs of users in the field, notably truck drivers and rail companies.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their ideas and vision with us. Above all, we want to build the port of tomorrow WITH you and FOR you... We look forward to sharing the details of the complete results of the Port 2030 process with you!


Martin Imbleau