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Team members of the ZIP committee were at the boat ramps to share tips and information with boaters and passers-by.

Recreational and tourist activities, especially boating and fishing, can affect the most vulnerable areas of the copper redhorse feeding habitat.

A few simple measures can be adopted to limit the disturbances likely to affect these fish, such as reducing the speed of boats near the banks, and not driving or dropping anchor in the grass beds, which are a feeding area for the species.

That’s why the team handed out  guide to good practices (French only) and put up a map of vulnerable areas along with identification tools for the copper redhorse, which anglers sometimes confuse with suckers or carp. The teams also paddled out to meet the users right on the water by kayak.

This awareness project will continue over the next two summers.

The Port of Montreal is implementing a whole range of measures to protect and preserve biodiversity on the river. Check out the projects now underway at Sustainable development

December 20, 2022