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Press release

Contrecoeur, April 27, 2022 — The Montreal Port Authority has signed an agreement with the Arbre-Évolution Coop, an environmental organization that in the coming months will be conducting an analysis of the potential for afforestation and wildlife connectivity in the natural environments of the City of Contrecœur. More specifically, Arbre-Évolution will carry out a classification on the MPA’s behalf, from currently available data, on mapping natural and non-humanized environments, as well as a characterization of the forest cover. These analyses will enable the organization to identify which sites in the municipality have the best potential for restoration or reforestation.

This research work will mainly be used by the MPA to determine how to implement various environmental protection measures connected with the Port of Montreal’s Contrecœur expansion project, whether to fulfill project completion conditions or as part of other commitments and measures. At the same time, the data gathered will be of great value to the City of Contrecœur in helping to document the state of local ecosystems and to support which future actions can be taken by the municipality and other stakeholders.

“We are really looking forward to using our expertise and experience to assist the Montreal Port Authority in its work to further analyze the characteristics of wetlands and forest habitats in Contrecœur. We’re here to make an impact," said Simon Côté, General Coordinator of Arbre-Évolution.

“It is very exciting to see the progress of the Port of Montreal’s expansion project in Contrecœur, both in terms of its development and of the related measures that the MPA is working on. The results of this analysis of the restoration potential will certainly be very rewarding for all the parties involved when it comes to planning the enhancement of our city’s natural environments," said Maud Allaire, Mayor of the City of Contrecœur.

"The Port of Montreal’s Contrecœur expansion project has been well planned and developed in conjunction with local stakeholders. Its environmental management is being done with the same thoroughness. We are pleased to be partnering with Arbre-Évolution to improve the characterization of the natural environments of our host community and to update the scientific expertise on this issue," said Nathalee Loubier, Manager, Environment, Contrecoeur Project, Montreal Port Authority.


Since securing ministerial authorization for the expansion project to proceed in March 2021, the MPA has been developing and implementing environmental mitigation plans in consultation with its host community, local and regional organizations, relevant stakeholders and First Nations.

Arbre-Évolution’s work recently commenced and is set to continue until the fall of 2022.

 2022 04 27 arbre evolution
The Montreal Port Authority's initiative, in collaboration with Arbre-Évolution, will make it possible to better understand the characteristics of the natural environments in the City of Contrecoeur

About the Port of Montreal

Operated by the Montreal Port Authority (MPA), the Port of Montreal is the second largest port in Canada and a diversified transshipment centre that handles all types of goods: containerized and non-containerized cargo, liquid bulk and dry bulk. The only container port in Quebec, it is a destination port served by the largest shipping lines in the world. It is also an intermodal hub with a service offering that is unique in North America, featuring its own rail network directly dockside connected to Canada’s two national rail networks. The MPA also operates a Cruise Terminal and a Port Centre.

The MPA factors economic, social and environmental components into its corporate initiatives. This commitment is governed by a sustainable development policy whose guiding principles focus on involvement, cooperation and accountability. Port activity supports 19,000 jobs and generates $2.6 billion in economic benefits annually.

About the Port of Montreal’s Contrecœur Expansion

Located in an industrial zone, the Contrecœur land reserve was acquired 30+ years ago by the Montreal Port Authority and has been the focus of careful collaborative planning to support the development of the supply chain in Quebec and Eastern Canada. With the support of Canada Infrastructure Bank and the Government of Quebec, the Port of Montreal and its partners plan to develop a new state-of-the-art container terminal able to handle up to 1.15 million containers (TEUs). Advantageously located in the core of the largest pool of consumers, importers and exporters in Quebec and Eastern Canada, close to major rail and road routes, the Port of Montreal’s Contrecœur expansion will consolidate local strengths to effectively meet future needs. This project will strengthen the world-class logistics centre in the heart of the St. Lawrence Valley. 

About Arbre-Évolution Coop

Arbre-Évolution is a solidarity cooperative that fosters the well-being of communities through a symbiosis between the forest, humans and their environment. The organization has solid expertise in tree planting, ecosystem restoration, edible management, carbon technologies and knowledge transfer. It provides customized services to carry out key projects in your living environment. Its primary aims are community involvement and environmental education for youth.

About the City of Contrecœur

Located in the Montérégie region 40 km east of Montreal, the City of Contrecœur stretches along some 20 km on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River. This geographical location is ideal for enjoying magnificent sunsets in all their glory. In addition, the river and its many islands offer great sites for outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, boating, relaxation and wildlife observation. Highway 30 (the Steel Freeway) and Route 132 connect Contrecœur to Montreal in less than 30 minutes.

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