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Plantation d'arbres près du Port

Every year, the Port of Montreal supports about sixty community organization projects in the neighbourhoods near its facilities.

In a post-pandemic context, and consistent with the objectives of its new strategic plan, the MPA recently updated its community investment policy. With a view to forging lasting partnerships with local organizations, increasing its positive social impact and acting as a responsible corporate citizen, several adjustments have been made, including:

  • Priority now focuses on the following communities or groups of citizens: youth, people living in poverty or experiencing homelessness, First Nations partners and communities near the Port facilities in Montreal the Contrecoeur sector.
  • The three target sectors are now: the socio-economic development of Montreal, the Contrecœur region and First Nations; support for youth training and development; and the fight against climate change.
  • To reflect these changes, the name of the policy has been updated from Community Investment Policy to Community Involvement Policy.

Learn  more about this policy at  Donations and sponsorship - PORT-MONTREAL.COM


September 18, 2023