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In view of the climate emergency, ports around the world are striving to advance sustainably and reduce their GHG emissions. What role can digital solutions play in this progressive change? How can ports use digital tools to protect the environment?


The result of a collaboration between the ports of Los Angeles, Montreal, Hamburg, Antwerp and Barcelona, the Digital & Sustainability Playbook presents a compilation of ChainPORT members’ best initiatives to reduce GHG emissions in ports and their surroundings. The Playbook helps to raise awareness of initiatives that have proven to be effective, serving as an example and incentive for others in the industry.

“Very few publications have explored and charted the link between digitization and our industry’s carbon neutrality goals. We hope this inventory of best practices steers the way in that direction.” — Daniel Olivier, Port of Montreal

Issues addressed include traffic management around terminals, waste management, advanced port information management, fuel consumption and how to preserve air and water quality.

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January 13, 2022