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In 2022, about 3.8 million of the 36 million tonnes of goods transiting through the Port of Montreal went to or came from Ontario. These goods generated 5,181 direct, induced and indirect jobs, and $208.1 million in federal, provincial and local tax impacts.

Factoring in all port activities, including logistics, distribution and procurement, the industry supports 154,774 jobs for importers and exporters, contributing $19.8 billion to the Canadian economy.

“Beyond its core role in Greater Montreal’s logistics hub, the Port of Montreal has a positive impact on communities in Quebec and Ontario. Through its tax benefits, it acts as a lever for the country’s GDP, supports the vitality of businesses and ensures a huge pool of employability for the entire population. From the goods loaded and unloaded on our docks, we are proud to be a constant driving force in Canadian society and the economy,” said Geneviève Deschamps, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the MPA.


February 8 2024