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Représentants du port de Montréal et de MSC

The symbolic key was presented to Sokat Shaikh, President and CEO of MSC Canada, Marc Healy, Chief of Staff, and Darren Edwardson, Deputy Managing Director— Cargo, in the presence of Genevieve Deschamps, Acting President and CEO of the Port of Montreal, Guillaume Brossard, Vice President Marketing, Development and International Relations of the Port of Montreal, and Rosetta Iacono, Director Growth and Commercial Relations of the Port of Montreal, at MSC Canada’s head office in Montreal. 

Clé du Port de Montréal

One of the Port of Montreal’s privileged and historic partners, MSC Canada was born on July 31, 1998, and began its adventure on Canadian soil. In 2004, MSC Canada launched its first ship, the MSC Brianna, at the Port of Montreal. Since then, MSC has only continued to grow significantly, gradually adding new services over the years to serve and connect the Port of Montreal, Canadian businesses and people around the world.

Today, MSC Canada is remains strongly committed to the Montreal port ecosystem. In addition to having its head office in Montreal, MSC has invested in the construction of the Viau Terminal, the last phase of which was completed in 2020, increasing the handling capacity of the Port of Montreal by 600,000 TEU containers for a total overall capacity of 2.1 million TEU containers. MSC currently operates five shipping services linking Montreal to ports in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Northern Europe.

“The Port of Montreal is pleased and proud to count MSC among its historical and privileged commercial partners. Together, we have been contributing to serve the Canadian population and businesses for 25 years efficiently and consistently, and we look forward to continuing this successful long-term collaboration,” said Geneviève Deschamps, Acting President and CEO of the Port of Montreal.

“MSC Canada is honoured to receive the symbolic key to the Port of Montreal, proudly marking 25 years of exceptional partnership. We are pleased to contribute to the Canadian economy and are committed to further supporting the growth and development of our customers, ensuring we enhance our global connectivity for decades to come,” said Sokat Shaikh, President and CEO of MSC Canada.

December 14, 2023