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Vue aérienne de l'usine Lantic à Montréal

“We welcome the news of Lantic Sugar’s expansion with great enthusiasm. Lantic is a long-standing partner of the Port of Montreal, and this investment confirms that our relationship at the core of Montreal’s logistics ecosystem is forward-looking and focused on growth,” said Guillaume Brossard, Vice-President, Development, Marketing and International Relations at the Port of Montreal.

At present, more than 580,000 tonnes of raw sugar a year move through the Lantic Sugar facilities at the Port of Montreal. Over the decades, the steady rise in volume amounts reflected the industry’s vitality. Sourced 100% from the sugar cane of Latin American countries, notably Brazil, the sugar imported by bulk cargo carriers is fully refined before being packaged on site for distribution in forms ranging from granulated sugar packets to bulk sugar products for the agri-food industry. The sugar is then loaded dockside onto trucks or freight trains and transported to many destinations throughout Quebec, as well as from Ontario to Newfoundland and the Maritimes.

Strategically located in the middle of Port territory, the Lantic Sugar plant also doubles up on benefits by being able to import bulk goods at lower cost and being directly connected to the road and rail network.

September 6, 2023