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A few weeks ago, we opened our new Port of Montreal Tower, a project that is a great source of pride for us.

First, because it resulted from a huge collective effort involving just about every MPA team in every department. We tell you about that in this Logbook.

Next, for the quality of the experience it offers visitors, from a spectacular view of the City of Montreal, with its downtown core and Mount Royal in the background, to interactive installations designed to show the city and the port from a whole new angle. 

What’s more, with its architecture and location on the banks of the St. Lawrence River at a key site in the founding of the metropolis, it is a symbolic reminder of the lighthouses that played such an important role in navigation. It is also a testament to our port heritage and the history of navigation that helped build our country. 

Ultimately, it is a strong emblem of a top priority at the Port of Montreal, namely its vision on how to renew ties and relationships with citizens. As you know, ports are generally closed, fenced-in places that are inaccessible to the public. That’s what we chose to reverse, notably through the massive project to rehabilitate Alexandra Pier, crowned by the Tower. We’ve been at the heart of the city since its foundation, playing an active and central role in its development, growth and identity.

We wanted to bequeath a gift worthy of your city and your port, in the form of a site that stands out for its architecture, landscaping and welcome, for a tourist and family experience that combines beauty and excitement.

This major project, which represents the culmination of more than five years of work, is part of a long-term vision grounded in a renewed relationship between the city and its port: a relationship of openness, harmonious cohabitation and mutually rewarding experience that is still in the making.

We cordially invite you to drop by and take it all in.

Enjoy your visit and happy reading!

Martin Imbleau