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Julie Gascon

Dear readers,

As the Port of Montreal’s new President and CEO, it gives me great pleasure to introduce this spring edition of our e-magazine Logbook, providing an open window on our activities and the marine community, which is part of our society’s deepest heritage right down to our common phrases.

In this issue, we’re gratified to tell you about port-related professions from a different angle... female! Still a largely male-dominated work environment, the Port of Montreal has more than a few talented women in its workforce, all putting their expertise to good use at the core of port operations. Sharing their career paths and rewarding visions with you is another pleasure.

We also tell you about one of the milestones on our ambitious itinerary to decarbonize our operations, which we intend to achieve by 2035: electrification. Likewise, we shed light on one of the most inspiring projects, which the Port of Montreal has been supporting for over a decade through its Community Involvement Policy, the first and only sail training program navigating the St. Lawrence, EcoMaris.

I hope you’ll enjoy delving into the marine industry as much as we do, with its exciting current events, its varied career paths, its indelible legacy to our society... and so much more.

Happy reading!

Julie Gascon


President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority