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As some of the provisions may affect this community, the notice Enforcement actions for misdemeanors, contraventions and non-compliances posted on the Port of Montreal's website provides details on the enforcement of misdemeanors, contraventions and non-compliances, notably those that incur a monetary penalty.

Please also note that Port of Montreal fire prevention inspectors and patrol officers of the Montreal Port Authority now have the authority to intervene with Port users throughout Port territory. As such, they are serving as representatives of Transport Canada when they issue a ticket for an offence or non-compliance.


Applicable contraventions: Contraventions Regulations (Schedule I, Parts I and II)

Activities covered on Port territory: Port Authorities Operations Regulations (Annexe I, partie IV)

Standard occupancy conditions established under the Canada Marine Act: Conditions générales d'occupation / Standard occupancy conditions

Practices and Procedures: Pratiques et procédures - Édition 2023



Canada Marine Act

Contraventions Regulations 

Port Authorities Operations Regulations