Economic Driver

With a total volume of 39 million tonnes of cargo handled and a fifth consecutive year of traffic growth, the Port of Montreal’s attractiveness and pivotal role in the regional and national economy are constantly being confirmed.  

Its positive impact has been reassessed upwards this year by a new study on its economic impacts, conducted by S&B Data. According to the study, the Port of Montreal generates close to $2.6 billion in Canadian GDP, of which more than 90% is concentrated in Quebec. This represents a 23% increase over the last economic impact assessment conducted in 2014.

The Port helps maintain more than 19,000 jobs in the various sectors related to marine and port activities, a 19% increase in five years. Furthermore, it generates over $300 million in tax revenues, a 24% upswing. Lastly, more than $1.1 billion was directly invested in the economy through wages and the purchase of goods and services.