Social responsibility

Grand Quay

The year 2018 was characterized by major progress in the Port of Montreal’s relations with citizens. For the first time in its history, the Port of Montreal unveiled to the public its new facilities, unlike any other in Montreal, namely Promenade d’Iberville with its the large green roof and the new Commencement Square. 

This new relationship was launched on June 3 with a family party that attracted 13,000 people and featured giant games, food trucks, craft workshops, a boat show and fun activities for young and old. 

On September 8, the Port of Montreal organized Port in the City Day. More than 2,000 visitors enjoyed free cruises on the St. Lawrence and activities to discover the marine world. 

All summer, the Port of Montreal’s Grand Quay also offered free summer programming for the benefit of Montrealers and cruise passengers. 

The History of Ships exhibition at the Port Centre drew more than 35,600 visitors with its scale models of vessels and large mural full of textual, visual and video information illustrating the history of freight transport.

Community relations

In keeping with its community investment policy, the MPA continued to support numerous organizations located in neighbourhoods adjacent to its operations. They include the Antre-Jeunes de Mercier-Est youth services centre, Sentier urbain community organization, Young Musicians of the World, the Village au Pied-du-Courant public gathering and entertainment site, Vélopousse-Maisonneuve pedicab tour service, Barbe-Denys-de-La-Trinité Park in Contrecœur, Technopole maritime and ÉcoMaris education program. MPA employees were also actively involved in the MS Bike Tour, the Desgagnés Kayak Challenge and distributing Christmas baskets at the Montreal Women’s Centre. 

Turning to the Port of Montreal’s facilities at Contrecœur, the MPA provided free cruises to community organizations, the business community and Port partners so they could learn more about the container terminal project. 

Furthermore, the MPA continued its actions to remain attentive to neighbouring communities and handle any complaints that might arise as soon as possible, in accordance with established procedures. Throughout the year, regular communication events were held with the Port’s neighbours to explain activities and maintain dialogue. Letters sent to neighbours, public meetings and meetings of the Good Neighbourhood Committee are among the means used. 

The MPA is also more present than ever on social networks and online. On its Publications page, the Port of Montreal issued three Logbook e-magazines (April, August and December) and it now has 2,454 Twitter subscribers, 11,629 Facebook followers, 2,544 Instagram subscribers, 5,851 LinkedIn subscribers on its corporate account and 11,851 on its LinkedIn Trading with the World account and 2,312 on its Commercer avec le monde account.

Human resources

The Port Authority team is growing to better meet its future challenges. With the Contrecoeur terminal project now at execution phase, a new vice-presidency was created to ensure its implementation. An environmental consultant position has also been created. 

In addition, to provide its employees with a stimulating and motivating work environment, 2,563 hours of training were given to MPA employees.