Chair and CEO Message

Marie-Claude Boisvert

Sylvie Vachon

Ship different

A fifth consecutive record year in tonnes of cargo handled, a record number of containers transiting our docks and a new record number of cruise passengers at the Port of Montreal in 2018…

The Port of Montreal has the wind in its sails and its activities are right on course. Benefiting as much from new tourism trends as global economic agreements that are contributing to the vitality of international trade, they are generating considerable benefits for the city, the province and the country, while contributing to Montreal’s international visibility. Our constant objective behind this growth: ship different, to preserve the unique model of the destination port that we are and ensure that we remain a competitive port. 

Thanks to this unique model and our strategic positioning, we are making the most of a solid market where the container sector has been growing for over 50 years. A new shipping line and new services were added: six of the largest shipping lines in the world now serve Montreal. The size of the vessels that the Port of Montreal can welcome keeps increasing over the years and still has potential to grow. 

Faced with the constant increase in traffic on our docks, we are striving to meet demand. By upgrading our facilities, through our numerous development projects including the major container terminal project at Contrecœur, as well as by innovating and proposing new solutions to manage information exchange, streamline traffic, improve public relations and promote sustainable development, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to perform better!

A year of innovation

To achieve this, we are strongly positioning ourselves at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry. The year 2018 was marked by a lot of excellent news on this front: our participation in the TradeLens project, our role in the innovative chainPORT network between ports, the creation of the first port innovation accelerator in North America… There are more and more examples proving that technology is leading the marine industry to a greener future while increasing efficiency.  

A sustainable and innovative port

We are convinced that a port must contribute to economic prosperity while integrating as harmoniously as possible into its environment. As new generations of vessels that use less polluting fuels such as LNG or can connect to shore power are multiplying on the world’s shipping routes, the Port of Montreal is proud to be able to accommodate them and thereby help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our Trucking PORTal also makes it possible to streamline truck traffic on our terminals. Through innovative means, GHG emissions at the Port decreased in 2018 despite an increase in cargo handled for the fourth consecutive year. Over the past six years, there has been a decrease in GHG emissions per tonne of cargo handled, allowing the MPA to achieve a 5/5 rank in the Green Marine voluntary program.

The Grand Quay: a great vantage point between the Port and the city

This year we were very proud to inaugurate our new Grand Quay of the Port of Montreal. With its contemporary cruise terminal, its new green spaces accessible to the public, its Port Centre and its ideal location between the river and the city, the Grand Quay marks a new stage in the Port’s relationship with its city: a welcoming port open to its community and a landmark site in the urban landscape that brings a rich history to life as it faces the future. 

Contrecœur: preparing for the future and welcoming growth

To be better prepared for the future, the Port of Montreal continues to move forward with its major container terminal project at Contrecœur. Now driven by a newly formed dedicated team, in 2018 the project reached important milestones in its development, notably federal public hearings following the publication of its environmental effects evaluation. This project allows us to confidently look forward to the coming decades of port activities and ensures that we can keep serving the markets of Quebec, Ontario and the U.S. Midwest.

A big thank you to all the workers, members of the Board of Directors and our valued partners in the supply chain, business and politics who contribute to carrying out these major projects, and who year after year support us to achieve new records and surpass ourselves!


Marie-Claude Boisvert
Chair of the Board of Directors


Sylvie Vachon
President and Chief Executive Officer