Cruise Terminal

On June 10, the MPA inaugurated its new cruise terminal with the arrival of the Maasdam, the first vessel to dock there. The building was delivered, as planned, for the City of Montreal’s 375th anniversary. It was the Port of Montreal’s legacy to its community and to its city in this historic year.

The new cruise terminal provides modern infrastructures that live up to what cruise passengers expect from the international cruise destination of choice that they have found in Quebec’s largest city. They are also more and more likely to choose Montreal as a destination or a port of embarkation. The Port of Montreal wanted to improve the welcome for these invaluable travelers.

This steady increase in the number of cruise passengers led us to set up an additional terminal to meet the demand.

The new cruise terminal was also designed to foster its integration into the city, especially its historic districts, as well as to maximize its open welcome to the general public. A green rooftop terrace welcomes people out for stroll, and the public square at the end of the pier has a lowered platform for special access to the river. Upstairs, at the entrance to the terminal, a Port Centre awaits visitors (see information that follows).

The project also provides for the construction of an observation tower at the end of Alexandra Pier for 2020. It will give visitors an exceptional view of the city and the magnificent St. Lawrence River.  

The new cruise terminal is maximizing its welcome
to the public.

New Port Centre

The MPA inaugurated its new Port Centre on July 19, 2017, with the opening of the History of Ships exhibition, free to the public. Since its opening, and as of December 31, 2017, the Centre has welcomed 23,769 visitors.

History of Ships shows and tells the Port’s rich history in models and photographs. The Port Centre aims to introduce Montrealers and the general public to the life of a major international port, its activities and its importance, often unknown, in our daily lives.

Such a Port Centre is a powerful tool for getting closer to the community. The interest expressed by visitors encouraged us to further our initiative and develop a new concept for the Port Centre in keeping with the Missions Charter of a Port Centre published by the Worldwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP). The MPA ratified it on June 26, 2014, at the AIVP’s annual general meeting, held that year in Genoa, Italy.

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