International Visibility

The MPA conducted a mission to the Port of Antwerp as part of its cooperation agreement with the latter. In return, we hosted a delegation from the City of Antwerp that included representatives from its port. We also welcomed the Prime Minister of Belgium, who came to visit our facilities.

In addition, we ensure consistent representation abroad through our representatives in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In June, the 2017 Cruise Canada New England Symposium was held in Montreal, bringing together close to 200 industry delegates: airport and port authorities; tour operators; tourism agencies; shipping agencies; government partners; destinations; and cruise lines. This event allowed participants to discover or know Montreal better as an international destination of choice.  

International Visibility

Turning to social media, we surpassed 12,000 subscribers on the LinkedIn pages “Trading with the World” and “Commercer avec le monde". In addition, the MPA launched a new B2B platform that directly targets its clients and partners abroad: www.tradingwiththeworld  and

Representatives in the United States, Europe and Asia