New Approach

The MPA revised its Sustainable Development Policy in 2016, six years after its first policy was approved in 2010, in order to adapt to the evolution of challenges and expectations in this field.

Sustainable Development New Approach

The policy, which spells out a long tradition of actions and initiatives in the environmental, social and economic areas, is based on six guiding principles:

  1. Ensure the responsible management of our organization
  2. Contribute to the prosperity of society
  3. Provide a stimulating work environment
  4. Reduce our environmental footprint
  5. Ensure that safety and security remain core operating values
  6. Ensure the Port of Montreal’s economic mission

The MPA developed in 2016 a three-year Sustainable Development Action Plan that is based on five orientations:

  1. Improve air and water quality
  2. Enhance the MPA’s service offer
  3. Ensure the responsible management of MPA infrastructures and resources
  4. Offer a mobilizing and safe working environment
  5. Forge long-term harmonious relationships with our stakeholders

The MPA consulted internal and external stakeholders through a survey in 2016 in order to develop a materiality analysis of the main sustainable development challenges for the organization. The five highest priority challenges identified from the consultation are as follows: prevention of leaks and spills; organizational probity, ethics and integrity; occupational health and safety; water pollution; and quality of services.

Following the study, and to better reflect the expectations of internal and external stakeholders, objectives and targets will be progressively added to the three-year Sustainable Development Action Plan.

The results of the study linked to the materiality analysis on priority challenges will also be integrated into the MPA’s Sustainable Development Annual Report, which will be based in line with and draw its inspiration from the international standards of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

The MPA created a Sustainable Development Committee in 2016 that worked actively throughout the year. The MPA's Environment Director serves as president of the committee, which comprises nine other MPA employees from a cross-section of departments and disciplines and represents MPA employees on the whole.

For more information on the MPA’s sustainable development initiatives, please consult its 2016 Sustainable Development Summary Report at the following link: Sustainable Development Report.