Human Resources

The MPA maximizes its efforts to provide its employees with the best work experience possible.

Results released in 2016 of a Mobilization and Engagement Survey conducted with MPA employees show that the vast majority are committed to the organization. The MPA has established an action plan to maintain and increase employee engagement as well as an internal communications plan.

Human Resources - Port of Montreal

The modernization of MPA facilities at the Cité du Havre headquarters has created a new organization of workspaces that promote collaboration among employees.

Every year, MPA employees and executives take training to enhance their skills, reinforce internal collaboration and further improve the quality of client services. In 2016, employees received a total of 5,130 hours of training.

The MPA’s new Intranet site, designed to accelerate access to information and be more user friendly, was unveiled in 2016. The MPA also began to implement an integrated document management system that will better manage documents and facilitate information sharing and collaboration among employees.