Dry Bulk

The Port of Montreal handled 8.4 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo in 2016, a decrease of 3.7% from the previous year. Within this category, an excellent 2016 grain harvest and a new contract for the delivery of grain by rail in the last quarter of the year led to a significant increase in grain volumes through the port, to 4.7 million tonnes, up 19.3% over 2015. Other dry bulk traffic totalled 3.8 million tonnes, down 22.2% from the previous year, due mainly to non-recurrent traffic handled in 2015 such as gravel for the new Champlain Bridge, and a reduction of iron ore due to spot sourcing of local scrap metal.

Dry bulk Port of Montreal

Dry bulk products

Grain 55%

Iron ore 23%

Raw sugar 6%

Salt 6%

Fertilizer 4%

Gypsum 2%

Other 4%


A substantial increase in grain volumes through the Port of Montreal