Containerized Cargo

Containerized cargo traffic through the Port of Montreal remained stable in 2016. The port handled 13.1 million tonnes of cargo in this sector, representing a slight decrease of 30,000 tonnes from the previous year. A total of 1,447,566 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) moved through the port in 2016.

Non-containerized cargo Port of Montreal

Traffic growth in the emerging markets of Asia helped offset the overall stagnation of the container shipping trade worldwide and a slight decrease in traffic from some of our traditional markets. Moreover, a large portion of West Coast traffic that had been diverted to the East Coast in 2015 due to congestion-related challenges returned to the West in 2016. While the container market remained stable, it is worth noting that November was a record month for the MPA with 140,000 TEU containers handled at the Port of Montreal.

Transshipping continues to play an increasingly important role for the port. According to 2016 statistics, transshipment now represents 42% of the Port of Montreal’s international container market.

The products that move through the Port of Montreal in containers are very diversified and include most notably items that we consume in our daily lives: food products, fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, electronic equipment, paper, etc.

Container markets – total traffic

Northern Europe 38%

Asia 22%

Mediterranean 20%

Middle East 8%

Latin America 5%

Africa/Oceania 4%

Canada 3%



One marine container in four handled in Canada moves through the Port of Montreal