A Word from the CEO

the port at the heart of its community

Hello dear readers,

In the “Port Neighbours” section of this issue, you will be able to enjoy a story on the Village au Pied-du-Courant. The objectives of this truly original project, which just concluded a second season, are to breathe life into empty spaces for the public’s enjoyment, stimulate the community and the district while creating jobs, and open windows on the St. Lawrence River in order to bring citizens closer to this incredible waterway and their port.

Village au Pied-du-Courant is located in the Ville-Marie Borough, a neighbour of the Port. We gave an enthusiastic “thumbs up” when project organizers came to us and asked for our support. As such, the Port of Montreal is now a proud partner of Village au Pied-du-Courant. The project encourages the development of the urban fabric of this neighbouring borough, offers a clear view of the port, and provides people with a place to meet and embrace the area.

Driven by a desire to be involved in our community, we reviewed our Community Investment Policy last year. Our goal was to establish a systematic decision-making process for initiatives to support. Many different groups approach the Port of Montreal for support, which means that we are faced with many difficult decisions. We must also remember that the Port is a public agency that must remain financially self-sufficient. Unfortunately, our community investment budget is not unlimited.

We therefore decided to give precedence to projects from our surrounding communities that reflect the values and vocation of the Port of Montreal.

The Port gives consideration to projects that demonstrate the potential to have an impact in at least one of the three following sectors: 1. Socioeconomic development; 2. Education related to marine careers; and 3. Environmental projection or awareness. Moreover, we select developmental projects with long-term potential or scope.

We have devoted a page on our website to help ensure the long-term transparency of our Community Investment Policy’s selection criteria. www.port-montreal.com/en/community-investment. This public information clearly establishes the philosophy of our Community Investment Policy and provides guidelines to those making requests.

We are extremely pleased to be able to play a role in the enhancement of our surrounding communities’ economic, social and cultural environment. Contributing is close to our heart.

Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO
Port of Montreal