A Word from the CEO

Action on the horizon for 2014

Dear Friends of the Port,

With the cruise season over and October upon us, we’re in the final stretch of 2013. Our eyes are already on 2014, because running a port means looking ahead.

Many projects will be completed in 2014, a year in which we intend to get even closer to our surrounding community. In fact, we’re off to a great start, as you will see in this fall issue of Logbook. We have a new section entitled “Port Neighbours” for residents of the neighbourhoods located near port territory. This is an initiative to strengthen ties with our social environment and to show our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The year 2014 also heralds the 175th anniversary of the tradition of the Gold-Headed Cane, the honour bestowed on the captain of the first ocean-going ship to enter Port of Montreal waters at the start of a new year. We plan to celebrate this anniversary in a fitting way by going back in time, as a way to remember that the port is at the core of the City of Montreal’s origins and that it has been a driving force throughout its development, and still is today.

In the meantime, this issue of Logbook offers a couple of very special discoveries: Bickerdike Pier, the site of the Port’s most diversified range of activities, and the AIDAbella, a majestic German cruise liner that made its first visit to Montreal on October 2, 2013.

Happy reading!

Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO
Port of Montreal