A Word from the CEO

Viau is expanding

Hello dear readers,

In recent days, trucks and excavators got down to business in the Viau sector of the Port of Montreal. By project completion at the end of 2016, we will have considerably increased container-handling capacity: up to 350,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) and, after a second phase of expansion, up to 600,000 TEUs.

The work is underway! We are starting by tearing down two buildings. The debris is loaded into trucks and sent for recycling. Our target recycling rate for old materials such as concrete, metal and wood is 90 to 95%.

The soil will then be consolidated to make it able to support all those containers. After that, we will lay railway lines and install the tracks for the cranes that transship containers along with all the equipment needed for a port terminal.

These projects are made possible through a major investment by Infrastructure Canada, the Montreal Port Authority itself and the operator of the future terminal, Termont Inc., which has long been active in the port.

A project of this scope is a far-reaching effort. For example, the port and Termont conducted environmental studies. We also met with several groups, including representatives from the local community. More than 3,000 invitations were delivered to doors in the neighbourhood, and an ad was taken out in the local newspaper to encourage people to attend one of our open houses. We held these events to present the project to local residents, answer their questions and listen to their comments. This information is important and we are using it to develop measures to mitigate noise and other disturbances, to the fullest extent possible and as necessary, both during construction and once the terminal is operating. 

With this significant expansion, the Port of Montreal will be ready to absorb the projected increase in containerized freight traffic around the world in the next few years. This boom in activity will help stimulate the economy of Greater Montreal. 

That is why I urge you to visit our website page dedicated to the project. You can learn more and, better yet, view the layouts and screen the video to visualize the result.

I will end by wishing you an excellent summer full of sunshine, rest and fun! See you in the fall. Have a great summer vacation!

Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO
Port of Montreal