A Word from the CEO

The Port at the Hearth of its Community

Hello dear readers,

In this issue of Logbook, we introduce you to one of the Port of Montreal’s oldest clients, a company that everyone knows, whose products are on our tables and in our daily lives: Lantic Sugar. The refinery was built in 1888, almost directly on Sutherland Pier at the foot of Pie IX Blvd., after fire devastated its first facilities on the bank of the Lachine Canal.

Obviously, unloading a ship full of sugar has changed over time. Today’s equipment greatly facilitates the task and the stevedores have swapped muscle power for precision measuring skills, as you will see in the story in the Overview section.

This report reminds us how the Port serves our daily lives, since the vast majority of the products we use every day come to us through the Port: clothing and footwear, appliances and electronics, exotic foods, wine, cars, and more. 

The presence of a port leads to the establishment of businesses, the arrival of a railway, the creation of jobs and the growth of new neighbourhoods. Such was the case for the cities of Hochelaga and Maisonneuve. We can revisit the history of this neighbouring community of the Port of Montreal by getting carried away by the pedicabs of Vélopousse Maisonneuve. This community-anchored project fits right in with the initiatives that the Port wants to support. We have become a partner, and I urge you to take this interesting tour. You won’t regret it! www.velopousse.com

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO
Port of Montreal