A word from the CEO

Dear Friends of the Port of Montreal,

The Port of Montreal is doing double duty this summer. While we continue to help drive Quebec’s economy, we are also part of Montreal’s tourism scene. Quebeckers and tourists from outside of the province who visit Montreal, along with Montrealers themselves who play tourist in their own backyard, head down to the river day and night, arriving by car, by bicycle or on foot. And that doesn’t even include the tens of thousands of cruise passengers who arrive on “The Path That Walks,” the name the Amerindians gave to the river.

The St. Lawrence River flowed long before Montreal was settled. It is the reason why the city was born in the first place. It was Montreal’s first means of communication and transportation.  And that is why the port has such an important place in so many art, history and archeology museums. Many tourist itineraries border the port, either in Old Montreal or along the shores of the eastern part of the island.

This issue is full of information about the numerous locations in the city where you can learn even more about the relationship that has brought together the city and the port for so many years.

The Port of Montreal also welcomes another type of visitor year-round: seafarers whose ships are docked in our port. Who are they? Where do they come from? What is life like for the seafarers who sail on our oceans? How do we welcome them, and what is the role of Mariners’ House of Montreal? Logbook went out to meet with these extraordinary people and introduces you to them in this issue.

We also feature a story about the port’s role as an educator. Each year, groups of students visit our facilities to learn more about the maritime industry and what it has to offer. You will learn that the port is even involved in summer education through its support of a sail training vessel.

This issue of Logbook makes for perfect summer reading … preferably somewhere by the water!
I wish you good reading. Enjoy the summer !

Sylvie Vachon

President and Chief Executive Officer
Port of Montreal