A Word from the CEO

Great marine trades

Dear Friends of the Port,

There are all kinds of occupations in the marine industry. We estimate that the Port of Montreal supports about 18,000 direct and indirect jobs. In most cases, these people are not working in direct contact with ship or on the water. I am thinking, for example, of all the people, technicians and professionals, who work in the offices of shipping agents, ship chandlers and marine carriers. Closer to home, I am thinking of my team that coordinates and manages the Port of Montreal’s operations on port territory, from our headquarters on Pierre-Dupuy Street near the Bonaventure Expressway. They include engineers, railway operators, accountants, managers, welders, lawyers, communications experts, carpenters, procurement professionals, archivists, computer specialists and many more.

In this edition of Logbook, we are covering one of these occupations, one that lets its practitioners work closely with our majestic river in every imaginable weather condition. Good thing their imaginations are so tried, tested and true! Because the occupation is marine pilot on the St. Lawrence.

Most jobs in the marine trades are interesting and high-paying. And candidates are in demand! The placement rate is usually 100%. But so many career options are offered to young people when they leave secondary school that the marine trades often get lost in the abundance of possibilities. The Port of Montreal is making it a point of honour to promote them. Here’s hoping that this issue inspires a young person you know!

Happy reading!

Sylvie Vachon

President and CEO
Port of Montreal