tUQUES FOR seafarers

Montreal, December 16, 2015 - Again this year, the Port of Montreal will distribute tuques to seafarers throughout the holiday season… to keep them warm! In fact, the Port has offered Mariners’ House a big batch of tuques for crewmembers of vessels that call into the Port of Montreal all winter long. Many seafarers who come from warmer regions than our country don’t pack – or simply don’t possess – appropriate clothing for our cold season. Every year, many of them land in Montreal in the middle of winter with nothing more for outerwear than sandals and a light jacket.

Mariners’ House is constantly on the lookout for winter clothing to help out these seafarers, the vast majority of whom are from India and the Philippines, countries where it doesn’t snow much!

When you clear out your winter wardrobe, think of seafarers from now on!

To donate to Mariners’ House: 514-849-3234


One of our proudest traditions for more than 175 years, the Gold-Headed Cane will soon be awarded to the captain of the first ocean-going vessel to reach the Port of Montreal in 2016. Today, we’re starting to roll out a corporate campaign on this great marine tradition. Follow the posts and updates on our Facebook page while we await the big winner in 2016!