Vice-president, Port Performance and Sustainable Development

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Daniel Dagenais has been Vice-President, Port Performance and Sustainable Development at the Port of Montreal since 2022 after being Vice-President of Operations since 2014, overseeing the following departments: Environment, Land-use Planning of Port Territory, Business Intelligence and Innovation, Marine Operations, and Port Protection and Operational Continuity.

Through over 30 years of shipping industry experience, VP Dagenais acquired expertise in the St. Lawrence River and all port processes on the river. At the heart of his vision, he aligns the pursuit of excellence, efficiency and innovation with a commitment to sustainable development and active involvement in the community so as to maintain dialogue and popularize port activities.

Before joining the Montreal Port Authority as Director of Operations, in March 2007, he accumulated a wealth of experience as a terminal operator, for bulk, non-containerized and containerized terminals at Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership and Empire Stevedoring.

Holder of a management undergraduate diploma from McGill University specializing in transportation and logistics and a certificate of training for executives exercise from HEC, VP Dagenais is President of the Groupe conseil maritime—Quebec region, member of Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers (IFGR), member of the Board of Directors of the Association québécoise des transports (AQTr) and of the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES), and member of the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation, where he also served as director on the National Board for three years.