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Daniel Olivier is Director, Business Intelligence and Innovation for the Montreal Port Authority (MPA). Every day, he helps create decision support tools, another term for business intelligence. Using data, his teams work on solving specific issues in such areas as logistics, administrative processes, cybersecurity and decarbonization.

Innovation is a real differentiator in the market: “The Port of Montreal stands out from many larger ports by being both resilient and innovative. We have a vision and that’s why we invest in smart solutions.”

A smart port on course for the future

At this pivotal time, ports no longer want to be simple infrastructure providers, but digital solution providers servicing an ecosystem. According to Daniel Olivier, today’s challenge is to collect information and put data to work for the customer in meaningful ways.

Monitoring traffic congestion in real time

An example of the application of data to improve logistics fluidity is the Trucking PORTal application (desktop and mobile), which makes it possible to see how much traffic congestion there is in real time; you can view the dwell time according to a colour code and then better plan your trips. In 2019, a predictive component was added through artificial intelligence algorithms that can forecast congestion levels up to 24 hours in advance. “When we talk about decision support and resource optimization, that’s exactly what we mean,” said Mr. Olivier.

Technology acceleration for start-ups

For three years now, the Port of Montreal has partnered with Centech to encourage entrepreneurship among Montreal’s budding companies. Backed by the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Centech’s Collision Lab is one of the 20 most successful technology business incubators in the world. The Port of Montreal is proud to give up-and-coming entrepreneurs the opportunity to test their business projects in its facilities while giving them greater visibility.

Transparency, intelligence and trust

In addition to Business Intelligence and various initiatives to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs, the Port of Montreal is staying the course towards sustainable development. According to Mr. Olivier, an innovative, resilient, transparent and responsible port is one that builds stronger relationships based on trust with its clients and the public. “Innovation is one of the tools we use to forge this relationship of trust.” The energy transition is the biggest challenge facing carriers and handlers today, and the Port works hard every day to be part of the solution.

Your success is mission-critical to us

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