New technology at Montreal Gateway Terminals

With MGT's new N4 system, terminal gate checkers use
mobile technology to enter truck data rather than deal with
paperwork. (Photo : Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership

Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGTP) – the leading container handling facility at the Port of Montreal – has implemented a new terminal operating software system to optimize efficiency, heighten security and enhance customer service.

Navis, the global leader in technology to manage the movement and storage of cargo, worked with MGT to replace MGT’s inhouse software with the new Navis N4 system.

“This migration to N4 is a key element in modernizing our IT platform,” says Michael Fratianni, MGT’s president and CEO. “It has not only enabled us to immediately simplify MGT’s operational procedures, but is the springboard for our future technological advances.”

Various, often complex procedures have been funneled into the one apt and durable system. “Working closely with Navis, we were able to integrate our existing data with no disruptions to service,” says Yannick Lacroix, MGT’s IT director. “Six months after the N4’s launch, we’re confident about its capabilities and reliability.”

The new integrated system makes it more efficient to keep track of all of the cargo going in and out of the Section 62 and Section 77 terminals owned and operated by MGT at the port.


Other immediate efficiencies include the use of mobile technology at the port’s terminal gates to validate truck manifests in real time. “As a result, drivers are saving time because they don’t have to stop at the clerk’s office to show any kind of paperwork on their way out of the terminals,” Lacroix says. “The paperwork has been replaced with the information being directly entered into the system and immediately available to everyone with authorized access.

“Real-time data improves efficiency and decision-making,” Lacroix adds. “For instance, we now have a better ability to analyze the amount of time each truck spends dropping off or picking up cargo at the port and will use the information to further streamline this process.”

“The N4 is the robust, integrated IT platform that MGT required for current and future innovation,” Lacroix says. “It will definitely help us to continue to find ways to improve the efficiency of our operations and save our partners and stakeholders time and money.”