Sustainable development

A value anchored in our activities

Sustainable development is a value inherent to the mission of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA). It rises above and beyond the MPA's obligation to conform to various environmental laws and by-laws and reflects its commitment to integrating economic, environmental and social policies into port activities.

The sustainable development policy, approved in June 2010 by the Board, is based on nine guiding principles:

  1. To ensure responsible management by the organization
  2. To increase contributions to the local community
  3. To promote responsible communication
  4. To engage our stakeholders
  5. To provide a safe and stimulating work environment
  6. To reduce our environmental footprint
  7. To ensure that safety and security remain core operating values
  8. To become a leading force in areas of sustainable development
  9. To ensure the Port of Montreal’s economic mission

As a founding member of Green Marine, a voluntary program for the Canadian and American marine industry, and a member of the international Green Award program since 2009, the MPA has also set up working groups to support sustainable initiatives:

  • Sustainable transportation group
  • Sustainable development awareness group
  • Responsible communications group
  • Energy efficiency group
  • Air quality and emissions group

Consult the reports of achievements in sustainable development at the Port of Montreal:

2017 — We are moving in the right direction [PDF - 1925K]


2016 The Port of Montreal, Broadening our Sustainable Development Horizons [PDF - 1060K]


2015 The Port of Montreal, a sustainable force [PDF - 1060K]


2014 The Port, Responsible Citizen [PDF - 352K]


2013 The Port at the Heart of its Community [PDF - 908K]


Concrete action, every day

Every day, the MPA paves the way for a sustainable port through concrete action. To learn more about this, visit the following pages: