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Montreal, December 15, 2014 - The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) presented the restoration project for Alexandra Pier and Iberville Passenger Terminal to numerous visitors who turned out for open houses held on December 3, 4 and 5. A hundred people gathered right on the site of the pier to learn about the project and share their opinion.

It is worth keeping in mind that these major works will make it possible to restore existing infrastructures and dedicate them to welcoming cruise passengers at the same level as the City of Montreal’s international reputation for hospitality. Featuring a passenger terminal with a green roof accessible at all times, public places and an observation tower inspired by coastal lighthouses, the future Alexandra Pier will be exceptionally user-friendly and promote a sense of ownership of port facilities in public perception.

Leading up to these open houses, some twenty meetings were held with political and social stakeholders. The aim was to gather citizens’ input and comments and answer their questions. Public perception of the project was very positive.

The MPA project, valued at $78 million, will breathe new life into the reception facilities for passengers from large cruise ships. Its implementation is subject to finalizing the project’s financial package.

The container terminal project in Contrecoeur

A few days earlier, the Port of Montreal also held open houses in Contrecoeur. On the agenda: the project to develop a container terminal on land owned by the Port of Montreal in this municipality.

The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has been planning the expansion of this port terminal at Contrecoeur for several years. Given that the project is estimated to take 10 years in total, the MPA is now in the fourth year of planning and development. At the stage, the possibility of moving forward on this expansion is contingent on obtaining the necessary permits from regulatory authorities. Also, obtaining these permits will have to be combined with other success factors for this terminal to take shape: continued growth of the container market and positive impacts from the Economic Agreement between Canada and the European Union, to name but two.

More than 200 people took part in the public pre-consultation exercise. They were then able to share their impressions and concerns with those in charge at the port authority. Overall, the project has been well received but some concerns were raised as well, including the potential for noise nuisance and dust, certain related environmental issues   and the proximity of new port facilities to certain residents.

These open houses on the first of December were preceded by meetings with close to forty municipal, environmental, government and transportation stakeholders, in keeping with the Port of Montreal’s commitment to carry out this project with the people of the region in a spirit of openness, communication and transparency. This information and discussion stage is mission-critical to take into account citizens’ interests in carrying out the project.

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