Construction of a road link in the Viau Terminal area

To come

March 12, 2019—Participation in the public hearings held by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal on the economic and urban development of the Assomption Sud-Longue-Pointe sector: (French only)

Work scheduled to start in 2020.

In progress

Environmental Effects Evaluation (EEE)

As part of this study, impacts on air quality, dust, contaminants, noise and traffic will be analyzed.


Project objective

The objective of the road link project is to improve road accessibility at the Port of Montreal and reduce trucking on Notre-Dame Street. To this end, the project aims to create a direct link between the Port of Montreal and the highway to ensure the continuous movement of containers to and from the terminals.

Project description

Construction of a road link crossing Notre-Dame Street to the City of Montreal’s Souligny/L’Assomption Blvd. extension project.