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2015/10/23 Port of Montreal Drayage
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2018-05-14  The MPA hails the Government of Canada’s investment in the road network adjacent to the Port of Montreal

 - Sylvie Vachon speaks to more than 500 business people in Greater Montreal about growth and the future

2018-04-20  Sylvie Vachon wins a Mercure in Les Mercuriades competition

2018-04-17  The MPA honoured to host the christening of the N/C Mia Desgagnés

2018-04013  18.4 M$ from Federal Government to MPA for intermodal network

- Port Logistics: Port of Montreal to participate in first global port hackathon

2018/03/02  Contrecoeur container terminal : federal public hearings

- The Port active at the 2018 Retail Supply Chain Conference

2018/01/19  - Container terminal project at Contrecoeur: The environmental impact study conducted by the MPA is released
- A promising 2018 cruise season

2017/11/28  - Port of montreal tuques for seafarers
- Cruise News: A record year!
- The port supports the social economy

2017/09/21  - The Government of Canada officially heralds the provisional application of the Canada European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Accord (CETA) at the Port of Montreal
- Fire prevention: the Port of Montreal recognized by the Quebec Association of Fire Prevention Technicians
- The Port of Montreal a proud partner of the City of Contrecoeur’s 350th anniversary

2017/09/15  The MPA receives the certification of Women in Governance for its gender-related measures
- Renewal of three collective agreements at the MPA
- The Exhibition "History of ships" has been a success
- Tourisme Montréal summer review: tourism on the rise

2017/08/24 John Parisella appointed to the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority 

                  - Maersk Line strengthens its relationship with the Port of Montreal by adding a new shipping route to the Mediterranean 

                  - A port of Montreal team took part in the Montreal-to-Quebec Paddling Challenge for the benefits of Young Musicians of the World

2017/07/21 History of Ships: The Port of Montreal's first immersive exhibition opens at the new cruise Terminal

                  - Appointment of Ms. Nathalie Pilon to the Board of Directors of the Montreal Port Authority

                  - The Montreal Port Authority welcomes the Government of Canada's Trade and Transportation Corridors Initiative

                  - Réal Couture appointed Chair of the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Montreal (CCEM)

2017/06/22  Appointments of two new directors to the Montreal Port Authority

2017/06/22  The MPA shines in Green Marine's 2016 performance report
                     - A fully digital annual report for the MPA
                     - A public work of art at the new cruise terminal on Alexandra Pier

2017/05/25  $40 million to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA)

2017/05/17  The Port of Montreal’s history told in moving images
                     - Longshore work at the Port of Montreal skilfully exemplified

2017/05/08  Record cruise season in sight at the Port of Montreal
                     - A fully digital annual report for the MPA
                     - A public work of art at the new cruise terminal on Alexandra Pier

2017/04/03  The Port of Montreal joins a select group of smart ports
                     - Sylvie Vachon, Honorary President of the AQTr 52nd Transportation Convention and Trade Show
                     - The MPA consults stakeholders on the terminal project at Contrecœur

2017/02/24  The MPA welcomes the establishment of the Montreal Industrial Port Zone
                     - The MPA launches an ad campaign that draws on the Port of Montreal’s wealth of history
                     - Two Port of Montreal partners benefit from the support of the Quebec Maritime Strategy

2016/12/22  Innovative ideas for a Port of Montreal project
                     - A successful networking event for CargoM
                     - Warm clothing for Mariners’ House!

2016/11/04  First meeting of the Advisory Council
                     - A very positive 2016 cruise season
                     - A visit to the new cruise terminal worksite

2016/09/15 The Port of Montreal a partner in the Contrecoeur-Varennes
                     industrial port zone
                     - Site of the dfuture Viau terminal progressing well


2016/07/12 Sylvie Vachon with the Premier of Quebec in Germany
                    - The Port supports many summer projects in its community
                     - Tony Boemi reappointed President of Cruise the
                      St. Lawrence Association

2016/05/17 New Portinfo Express
                     - Anik Trudel: new MPA Board Chair
                     - First cruise ship of the 2016 season

2016/04/28 Construction work kick off on Highway 25 corridor

2016/02/16 Speech by Sylvie Vachon at the Canadian Club

2016!01/15 Study to assist the trucking industry

2015/12/16 Tuques for seafarers

2015/10/29 Results of the 2015 cruise season

2015/07/31 Shore power for cruise ship terminal and wintering ships

2015/07/02 Three AAPA Awards in Communications

2015/06/17 Environmental Award and popular visit of the Port of Montreal

2015/04/15 Nomination of Me Eric Simard

2015/04/15 Nomination of Sophie Roux

2015/01/20 Minister Lebel announces investment

2014/12/18 Nomination of Marie-Claude Boisvert

2014/12/15 Highly successful open houses

2014/10/29 The St-Lawrence Award presented to Sylvie Vachon

2014/10/07 Logistec's investments in Contrecoeur

2014/06/27 Two communications awards for the Port of Montreal

2014/06/20 Robert Sauvé President of the Ordre des ingénieurs

2014/06/19 The Port and its partners earn several awards

2014/06/12 Tony Boemi president of ACSL

2014/06/04 10 seasons at Montreal for the Maasdam

2014/04/09 Nomination of Daniel Dagenais to the AQTr

2014/01/20 Nomination of Dagenais and Demers

2013/03/01 Port of Montreal celebrates 175th Gold-Headed-Cane

2014/03/01 Port of Montreal introduces its first mobile application

2013/06/12 Large Aframax tanker calls Port of Montréal

2013/25/11 175th Cane : 1,500 tuques to Mariners' House

2013/21/11 CanEst: new containerization facility

2013/15/11 Hydro-Québec raises power lines

2013/31/10 Experience THE Montréal cruise product

2013/24/10 Canada-European Union free trade

2013/23/10 Nominations at the board

2013/02/10 Arrival of the largest cruise ship ever

2013/27/09 Sylvie Vachon named chair of ACPA

2013/06/06 Three Communications Awards

2013/14/05 Port of Montreal open to post-Panamax ships

2013/10/05 Improved port access

2013/22/04 New tugboat Pierre-Julien

2013/08/03 Cruise Insight Award for Port of Montréal

2013/08/03 Sale of tuques for Mariners' House

2013/01/03 Gold-Headed Cane